SHARK: The Leading French Brand

Boosted by 30 years of experience, the French brand SHARK is one of the world’s leading helmet makers.

Founded by former professional racers, SHARK designs helmets that guarantee high levels of performance and safety and that exceed safety standards.

SHARK’s ethos is always to push the technical boundaries and innovate so that each and every biker and racer can enjoy the sheer pleasure and freedom of riding in complete safety.

From its headquarters in Marseille and its own factories, SHARK manufactures over 300,000 helmets per year and creates new concept helmets every year. SHARK helmets helmets are distributed in 70 countries through over 5,000 distributors worldwide.

30 years of performance

All SHARK helmets are designed in France using cutting edge technologies. Riders are at the center of our product creation process. “Design for a Function” is our motto: each line, each curve, each function must serve a purpose which makes our products so unique and innovative.

We develop new models by relying on advanced studies carried out in the field of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to improve riding comfort, optimize ventilation and improve aerodynamics. These CFD studies enable us to eliminate buffeting effects at high speed and reduce noises. All of our newly-released models are equipped with Optical Class 1-rated visors featuring variable thicknesses (from 4.2 mm to 2.8 mm) free of any visual distortion.

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